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Paul will board a plane in Boston, and Ray will board a plane in Chiang Mai.  The two will reunite in Copenhagen and then travel to Paul’s farm in Sweden for final trip preparations.  The “trip” involves flying to Budapest, securing bicycles, riding those bicycles to the Black Sea along the Danube following the Euro Velo 6 Route, selling the said bicycles in Constanta, relaxing with a beer at the Black Sea, getting back to Hungary, returning to Copenhagen, and then back “home”. The aforementioned last-minute preparations will include discussions with Kjell-Ake in Sweden, and it is unlikely that alcohol will be involved.  We sincerely hope that you dear reader will be able to follow these two young men, as they complete a 1,000-mile bicycle journey through Eastern Europe.  The trip is expected to include many adventures and learning experiences.  Undoubtedly, it will add to the libraries of these two cyclists and to the economy of Europe …

Sincerely your authors for the next few weeks,

Paul and Ray



Comments on: "Welcome to Paul and Ray’s Budapest to Black Sea Bike Blog" (1)

  1. good luck, Paul and Ray!

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