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Today I, Ray, went out for a metric century in about 110F … note that there was humidity too … BTW, Thailand has three seasons: hot, very hot, and (expletive deleted) hot. We are in the latter season now … The Sameong Loop from downtown Chiang Mai is about 60 miles. I absolutely hammered the ride the entire way. The good news is that I held strong the entire ride. It was a 4 hour and 24 minute push. In the first 5k I almost crashed into a wandering dog at 20mph, and almost got hit by a truck that merged into “my space.” On the return I needed to ride around the Chiang Mai Moat … there you almost always get killed, so I will not write about all those “normal” close calls.

The Sameong Loop includes many many climbs, but there are at least three significant ones. The last one being a 1.3-mile climb with an average grade of about 12% (estimate by yours truly). My shorts were totally caked with salt by the end of the ride. I wanted to get a picture for the blog, but could not. Imagine a flour fight among best of friends that uses enough flour to make several hundred loaves of bread …

These mountains should prepare me for our initial meeting in Sweden … I am leaving Chiang Mai tomorrow for my diving trip to Guam, Yap, and Palawan. (If you are a criminal reading this blog, I don’t recommend you try to break into my condo while I am away … I have left the German Shepherds home with a huge amount of food and water out, and a gigantic litter box. In addition, the only thing worth stealing is my mountain bike …)


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  1. LOL .. Love it … I need to find out where the condo is located !!! German Shepherds!! I love dogs.

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