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The Sting

No, I am not talking about the border crossing today into Croatia. Paul was stung by a very large bee,
and neither the bee nor Paul were very happy about it. Paul was riding in front of me on a quick descent when he started wildly failing his arms. At which point I saw a big bee fly out from his armpit. Yes, the bugger got him right in the armpit region. Paul thought the stinger was imbedded, but we did not stop to remove it. He is okay. Just had a bit more discomfort today. Paul(apostrophe)s ankle is holding up well, and the biking is not bothering his ankle. (Did I mention that all the Eastern Europe keyboards are a bit strange … figuring out how to get various szbmols is difficult, and for example, the z is where the y should be. I left symbols spelled incorrectlz earlz to demonstrate this fact … And some szbmols just do not exist.


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