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Today we put in another 135km day. Somehow we managed to avoid any thunderstorms, but they were in the area. A couple of times we rode hard to try and avoid them, and we were successful. If luck is on our side, we will make it into Serbia tomorrow.

I should mention that our route has been very entertaining. We are frequently riding on difficult roads … grass, mud, dikes, roads under construction, and so on. Today one road was closed completely. But, we carried our fully loaded bikes over a ditch to join the “closed road”. We also had several small climbs today. The road signs list the gradients of the climbs. The steepest one was 10%. We hit a new maximum speed of 42.6km.


No Indigo Buntings (from Rays Homepage you can visit the Adventures Page to find out what he is talking about) yet, but we have been seeing interesting birds. Each town seems to have a resident stork with a huge stick nest high above the towns buildings. These are large birds. We have experienced numerous fly overs. (Did I mention that this computer thinks that I am typing in Croatian, so it is flagging every word as misspelled …)

Tomorrow we expect more single-track dirt roads along the Danube dikes. We have seen several other riders out here, and the ones who we have talked to thus far are from Germany. We will keep the blog updated as much as possible. Pauls iPad is helping us out tremendously with route planning, but it is difficult to type much on that machine.

We miss family and friends!


Comments on: "Trying to Get to Serbia Tomorrow" (2)

  1. Helen Goransson said:

    I enjoyed reading your updates. I feel for you guys – sounds like a little tough riding and not particularly breathtaking, like the other sections of the Danube route. But what a great accomplishment when you are done! I’m missing you both, but especially Paul, of course.

  2. nothing said:

    Fighting Fighting.. naka.. 🙂 !!

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