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Today’s challenges were:

1)finding the nearly impossible route out of Belgrade which involved a lot of pantomine with non-English speaking Serbians, eventually finding English speaking Serbians who didn’t understand why someone would want to bike to Romania.

2)Biking in the light rain in the early morning which was not bad but we were drenched and frozen by torrential downpours for the last 40km. There was even hail for a short time. The rain was coming down at about a 45 degree angle directly into our faces. We were far from any shelter biking across rolling grassy fields and there was lightning.

3)the euro velo 6 route we are following has had real trouble finding a good way out of Belgrade so the route has been changed but not the English guide book (that I wish I had a hard copy of). This greatly frustrated a couple of other cyclists that we met that had really depended on their guide books. Since we only have scanned images on my IPad, we are close to lost most of the time so it was not so bad for us. What was bad was being on rutted, muddy dirt track on top of a levee for about 30km. That was very challenging.

4)today was about 128km



Comments on: "Muddy Wet Day into Bela Crkva, Serbia" (2)

  1. Jenny Blackmore said:

    Schneikes, lads! It’s a good thing you’re both SO DAMN STRONG! I hope you get to follow this up with some gentle, sunny days… and obvious sections in the EV6. Hmm…

  2. nothing said:

    🙂 Fighting Fighting !!

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