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Today was our biggest day so far … 146km. We are really riding between lodgings rather than going for kilometers. There was almost no traffic on the roads, and the people along the route were very friendly. We waved and people waved back all along the route. School children ran to the side of the road to high five us. We high fived many people …

And, we passed about 203 stork nests. All nests were very impressive. Go storks. We also saw many gesse, turkeys, ducks, and other birds. They all seem to be giving birth in late spring here.

Weather was perfect today if not a little hot. We stopped for lunch at a bus stop, and we both fell asleep on a rough bench. Lunch was day old bread and cheese. Excess cheese went to a persistent small dog. We are in Corabia now and expect to be entering Bulgaria tomorrow or the day after.

Great great day!!!!!!!!

Ps. We hope to meet up with Felix, a professor who Ray worked with at AASU, once we get to Constanta.


Comments on: "Day 10 Bordered on Perfect" (2)

  1. Jenny Blackmore said:

    I’m jealous!! I bet P.S. is too, all those birds… 🙂

  2. therese araneta said:

    Videos on i-phone were great!! Perfect weather to go riding – You must be in 7th heaven!!! Enjoy the rides!! Cheers!!

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