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We were planning a big day on June 1 … our biggest so far. To reach our goal, we got our earliest start … which was about 7:30am. Not really early, but hey, …

We have begun to see occasional Gypsy groups along the road traveling in their wagons which seem to come directly out of a fairy tale. Apparently, these fairy tale characters don’t like having their picture taken. You can see below how the second wagon breaks formation and attempts to run down this unauthorized photographer.

Along the way, we stopped for lunch when we came across a large festival in a small town. We were sitting on a bench eating our usual lunch fare, when Paul was able to shoot the following video.

Loquacious and Well-Oiled Visitor

It was hot and we were thirsty. When Ray went to buy a coke, he realized that the coke was not for sale, but rather was part of a roulette wheel game. To get the coke required a spin of a wheel …

After lunch, we continued to press on in search of our longest ride of the journey.




Comments on: "National Children’s Day in Romania" (1)

  1. Jenny Blackmore said:

    Ha, what an ignominious end that would have been. Run down by gypsies! I bet those horses are strong.

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