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Day 12 of riding is in the books. Very remote. Nice road. Little traffic. Bike computer thermometer hovered around 40C most of the day, so it was hot. We are over 1,450km now, and it looks like we need to ride about 150km to reach Constanta tomorrow. By the way we are staying in a five-star hotel in Silistra, Bulgaria tonight. Will enter back into Romania early in the morning. Dinner consisted of two large pizzas loaded, outrageously large plate full of olives, salad, potatoes, … You get the idea.

Now to the real news. A very large and violent bee flew in between Paul’s glasses and face. Unfortunately, this happened while a racing 18-wheeler was passing nearby. The bee tried to exit through the spot between Paul’s eyes by stinging his way out. Paul shouted several words very loudly, similar words to Ray’s recent shouting. Paul was able to get the bee out from between his sunglasses and face, but the venom injecting bugger wouldn’t pull his ripchord to leave Paul’s hand, so Paul had to pull it for him. God that hurt! Paul has a small welt, you know where by now but I will say it anyway since I love typing with one finger, between his eyes. I hope Paul avoids a hattrick …

The adventure continues …


Comments on: "Paul Gets Stung (Again) Near His Eye" (1)

  1. Helen Goransson said:

    Those Balkan bees need to leave my sweet honey alone. Can’t wait for him to show me his battle wounds in person.

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