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We took Saturday off in Rousse, Bulgaria. Our hotel was located on a massive square full of people strutting their Saturday finest and other assorted cultural activities.

This clip shows us walking up to what turned out be Bulgarian folk dancing:

Bulgarian Folk Dancing on Public Square

This one is of a young Gypsy boy that came up to our table at dinner:

Gypsy Youth Entertainment


Comments on: "Videos From Rest Day in Bulgaria" (3)

  1. therese araneta said:

    Finally you have reached the end of your journey. Another chapter has closed & been checked off four list. Moving onward & forward…..to new adventures. Whatever that may be…keep us posted via photo/video blogs.Cheers!!!

  2. nothing said:

    🙂 !!

  3. Roumi Radenski said:

    Thank you Rey! It was so nice to see people enjoying themselves in the city I was born and raised. Sorry I did not have a chance to meet you and talk to you in Haifa, but at least my husband, Atanas Radenski did. I hope you had good time in Rousse.

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