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For now please cut and paste these hyperlinks to view the videos. The iPad has us handcuffed at the moment … Ignore this comment, we kicked the iPad’s butt …

Paul riding around in circles:

Paul riding at Iron Gate

Ray winding down road at iron gate with views of river:

Ray riding at Iron Gate

This one is us biking by the horse and carriage:

?? Horsepower on the Romanian Autobahn



Ummm … We could not get bear mace. There are packs of wild dogs here. See these photos for how we carry it. Ray tested it out on one nasty hound, and the beast ran away coughing.

Paul found his climbing legs on a signpost that marked today’s starting and ending points. Ray also made the ascent.

We found a great picnic spot today and we even caught a few zzzzs there after a huge lunch. No we have not lost any weight despite riding over 500 miles in week one.





We rode 136km today and topped the 1,000km mark today. Paul is riding really well, and one would never suspect that he has an ankle problem. We hauled a ton of weight today on the bikes due to the remoteness of the area, but Paul hammered all the climbs! Great job!

We are averaging about 110km per day. By no means are we riding to exhaustion, but we are not exactly hanging around either. Remember we are on hybrid bikes and often riding in rain, mud, grass, cities, and so on …

We are at a hotel, three-star, in Calafat, Romania … We never heard of it before either. All is well and going to dinner soon. We are expecting rain the next few days.

Apologies to all for typos but we are on the iPad, which is a very sweet machine.


In Romania we are using our Italian and also spending Romanian Lei. In the next week we believe that we will be in extremely remote areas … we are already in remote areas …

We are going to try and acquire bear mace to repel animals such as this one …
yes, he was flossing on a chain link fence.


Today was an easy day of riding, only about 60 km. The weather was good, and we found a decent three-star hotel in some unpronounceable Romania town, also unspellable (yeah, we know that is not a word). We had some dramatic views of the Danube. Here are some photos from the ride.

By the way we have been flip flopping with a couple of Austrian riders. We first saw them five days ago, and today we met them for lunch in a small town in Romania. We gorged on pasta and tomato salad, and had a few beers, purely to rehydrate of course.



This is a video on a not particularly muddy section about 15km outside of Belgrade … with really good commentary 🙂

Riding Circles Outside of Belgrade

We have been doing lots of climbs along the way, and in the last couple of days benefiting from a tailwind.

As bikers pass us going the other direction, we often stop to compare notes. Naturally, this takes place after agreeing on a common language.

Taking a break after 60km for lunch.


Paul at the restaurant.


Ray drying out some gear while Paul goes to order more food.

There was a smell of Jasmine in the air … a good smell.