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Cool Videos

For now please cut and paste these hyperlinks to view the videos. The iPad has us handcuffed at the moment … Ignore this comment, we kicked the iPad’s butt …

Paul riding around in circles:

Paul riding at Iron Gate

Ray winding down road at iron gate with views of river:

Ray riding at Iron Gate

This one is us biking by the horse and carriage:

?? Horsepower on the Romanian Autobahn


Last Full Day in Serbia

This is a video on a not particularly muddy section about 15km outside of Belgrade … with really good commentary 🙂

Riding Circles Outside of Belgrade

We have been doing lots of climbs along the way, and in the last couple of days benefiting from a tailwind.

As bikers pass us going the other direction, we often stop to compare notes. Naturally, this takes place after agreeing on a common language.