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We had a good ride today. It was 10C when we left this morning so a little cold. There were some good climbs and nice stretches along the Danube. The highlight of the day was meeting a bunch of Serbian sixth graders.



Ray signing autographs for the young kids.


Comments on: "From Belgrade Signing Autographs" (5)

  1. Helen Goransson said:

    Great progress, you guys. Happy trails to you, until we meet again…

  2. Gwenn Adams said:

    Hi, I found your blog online and it seems like a wonderful trip. From the blog name I am assuming you are doctors who are offering your services or some sort of help to the people in these countries and I would love to hear more about that in your blog posts. What a wonderful thing to do.God bless, there should be more people in the world like you.

    Gwen Adams

  3. Jenny Blackmore said:

    Hear, hear! Great progress! Guys, did you ask any Serbians if they’d like to buy a vowel…?

  4. nothing said:

    So very nice a picture !!!!

  5. Hey look at this! … The Doctor adventure and The sixth graders! Could anyone see the generation gap , no right? ..Hmmm What’s a nice shot !. Love it 🙂

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